Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm not a radio promoter, but I play one in real life.

Remember when I got a song by The Guggenheim Grotto featured as WXPN's My Morning Download and I cautioned you that I can't guarantee you I can get you onto XPN?

Well, seriously, I can't guarantee it!


Thanks, John!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Big December for The Josh and Pete Band

[The official press release, minus any personalized introductions.]

Josh Band, Pete Band, King Alon (rhymes with "throne"), and Dr. Lemonade have big news for a really big month!


On December 23rd, The Josh and Pete Band will take World Cafe Live's Upstairs stage to play a benefit concert for Rock To The Future, a free afterschool music and education program for Philadelphia School District students aged 9-14. The program is directed by Jess and Josh from Philly faves (and The Josh and Pete Band's great friends) Conversations with Enemies. Also performing will be The New Motels and Big Terrible, as well as The Best Westerns, a veritable supergroup featuring Josh Band along with members of CWE and Eat Your Birthday Cake.

For more information on the show:

And for more on Rock To The Future:


The Josh and Pete Band's previous efforts to raise funds for their first professional album didn't exactly set the world on fire, so the boys have kicked things up a few notches. For one thing, they will be hosting a big fundraising party in December (message me for details). But in addition, they have taken their cause to GoFundMe, where those interested in supporting independent music can win all sorts of cool prizes -- a professional dental cleaning from Dr. Lemonade? A voice cameo on the album? An art lesson with Pete Band? A signed color print featuring your cartoonized self alongside The Josh and Pete Band? It can all be yours IF the price -- I mean, donation is right! But hurry -- the deadline is Christmas Day!


Never content to rest on their laurels, The Josh and Pete Band have taken to Philly's most famous open mic, Philly Rising, to expand their fan base and increase their profile on the Philly music scene. [editorial note: and to meet all the cool people their publicist knows.] They're playing twice a month, every month, on whichever dates work for them. So if you swing by World Cafe Live on a Monday night and stop in for this cover-free (and now even more awesome) open mic, you never know who might be rockin' the stage...


Finally, December marks the release of King Alon's first solo album, Alone With Alon, and the kickoff of his worldwide Regal Tour, on which he will be supported by Kings of Leon and Prince.

[Note: one of the above stories may be made up.]

For more information:

And as always, feel free to contact me with any inquiries.

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Josh and Pete Band - Halloween Show

Fittingly, the end of September has brought the end of the September slump. On October 29th, The Josh and Pete Band will return to their neighborhood hangout, Millcreek Tavern, for a Halloween show headlined by their good friends (and Philly favorites) Conversations With Enemies. And because it's been too damn long since we've even tried to get a show review, we're promoting this one in hopes that someone will review it.

But when all is said and done, show review or no show review, publicity is still publicity, right?

Here's Millcreek's music calendar:

and the Facebook event page for more details:

And in other news......wait, there is no other news......

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Standing at the crossroads

I've grown accustomed to the September slump. I don't know what it is, but my work as a music publicist keeps slowing down for the month of September and perhaps beyond. But this year, it's a little different. Yes, the September slump is happening in a sense, but a lot is also in flux.

First and foremost, I must announce that Bad Apples are on a break for now, as the band's members have other things going. Therefore, band PR is on hiatus for now, and thus I will say that my stint as their publicist has ended with the possibility of a second turn in the future.

Of course, The Escape are still regrouping following Stuart's departure, and they're working on new material as well. In August, I put band PR on hold indefinitely, given the aforementioned circumstances, plus the fact that our latest round of EP promotion wasn't going anywhere. I will continue to keep you updated on what's happening with The Escape and my work for them.

The Josh and Pete Band are still trying to raise funds to record a professional studio album (see earlier entries in this blog), but they may also have some other intriguing endeavors in the works. They've put band PR on hold for now, until we once again have something more concrete to promote.

And I may get a new client soon. But it's always a big "maybe" until the deal is final!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Josh and Pete Band's Album Fund (and potential dire consequences)

(As before, this is a slightly altered version of the official press release.)


August 1, 2010

In less than two years, West Philly foursome The Josh and Pete Band have brought their sunny harmonies and unique brand of humor to venues such as North Star, World Cafe Live (Upstairs and Downstairs), The Fire, The Blockley, and The Troc Mainstage. They've been selected as "Featured Performers" by The Absolute Zeros at Tritone. They've shared the stage with acts including Agent Moosehead, G. Calvin Weston, Conversations with Enemies, and Caravan of Thieves. But all those feathers in their caps will not accomplish the goal of funding the first professional album by Josh Band, Pete Band, King Alon, and Dr. Lemonade; after all, one cannot pay studio bills with feathers.

So they're taking the route traveled by so many others who refuse to sit around waiting for a record deal: they're asking their fans to fund the recording of the album. One of Dionne Warwick's former psychic friends (or is that fiends?) has predicted dire consequences for the band's members should the album not get funded in time:

- King Alon will be forced to abdicate his throne, leading other musical royalty (Carole King, Ben E. King, B.B. King, etc.) to poke merciless fun at him in song. Meanwhile, his former kingdom will be taken over by The Queen of Soul, who will command plenty of R-E-S-P-E-C-T but will never be able to say she played both bass and oboe in a rock 'n' roll band.

- Dr. Lemonade, a tooth doctor by trade, will quit the music business for good and go into television. He will star in a pilot for "The Dentalist," in which he plays an American who occasionally speaks with an Australian accent. Every network will pass on the series after critics predict that it will last only a Simon Baker's dozen of episodes.

- Left without their rhythm section, Josh Band and Pete Band will soldier on as a duo, The Band Brothers. This name will be most unfortunate, as concertgoers will, upon seeing the duo, ask, "Where's the BAND?!?!" Josh and Pete will split in disgust, and Josh will go back to his day job of putting Weight Watchers out of business, one cupcake at a time. Pete will continue to play music as a solo artist, but a New York Times reviewer will lament the split of the duo, writing, "Pete was the Garfunkel to Josh's Oates."

But if saving The Josh and Pete Band from such misfortune is not enough of an incentive, those who contribute to the album fund will get the following amazing and fabulous prizes:

$0 to 10 - Josh and Pete Band sticker
$10 to 20 - above plus Demo CD
$20 to 40 - all of the above + your name on special "Thank You" page of the professional CD (and Josh and Pete Band 9th Grade CD Series)
$40 to 80 - all of the above + ticket to the next Josh and Pete Band show
$80 to 150 - all of the above + free copy of the professional CD
$150 to 300 - all of the above + custom-made Josh and Pete Band T-Shirts

...and finally...

$300 or more - all of the above PLUS a date with any band member -- or all! (You can donate the date, too - give The Josh and Pete Band to your daughters, your aunts, your grandmothers, even your pets!)

If you wish to donate, you can visit, and there is even a Facebook event page:

And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Copyright © 2010 S.J. Dibai and The Josh and Pete Band. All rights reserved.

Bad Apples in Origivation!

Quiet times for Bad Apples these days, but I did get them reviewed in Origivation! I haven't seen the print version yet, but here it is online:

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Score another for the Guggenheim Grotto!

No, I'm not still working for The Guggenheim Grotto. That project lasted for just a few weeks in June. But when I WAS working for them, I did contact Kate Bracaglia, who has been so kind to The Josh and Pete Band on Phrequency, and she has recently shown the Grotto some love on her blog, Underwater Explosions. Okay, so it's too late for the residency I was promoting, but you know what they say: better Kate than never!

Seriously, thanks again, Kate.

And don't forget: this Saturday is The Josh and Pete Band's performance at the Jersey Shows finals!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Escape: sad news

This is difficult news to break....Stuart Olson, one of The Escape's guitarists and principal songwriters, is out of the band. Stu and I always connected on an artistic level, and he added a great deal to the performance aspect of The Escape/Reality Stricken whenever I saw them in person, so it's a tough loss for me to deal with. Click here to read the band's official statement.

I am still promoting the Signal Fire EP, which you might remember being the band's last release as Reality Stricken and first as The Escape. EP promotion is not easy; a lot of investigation and elimination of publications, a lot of trial and error, and even in this day and age, I have to ignore otherwise suitable magazines because they won't review anything less than a full-length album. Trying to avoid the fatal mistake of sending out too many CDs, we are nevertheless sending some out (and digital copies when we can!) and here's hoping we get some more reviews on this thing.

Meanwhile, don't forget all the Josh and Pete Band news from my previous posts, and....I thought a new Bad Apples review was forthcoming......I'll need to check on that one.....

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Josh and Pete Band story

Check out this great new Phrequency blog on The Josh and Pete Band's current endeavors.....thanks again, Kate!

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Josh and Pete Band: Jersey Shows finals and EP fund

(This is a slightly altered version of the actual press release.)


June 25, 2010

The Josh and Pete Band's sunny harmonies, driving rhythms, and unpredictable sense of humor have gotten them an ever-expanding fan base and rave reviews in Metro, Phrequency, 215 Magazine, and other local publications. Now, the West Philly-based foursome have two big news items to share with you.


The Josh and Pete Band have made it all the way to finals of Jersey Shows' $10,000 Philly Showdown! The date is Saturday, July 24th. The venue is the Trocadero -- the Mainstage, not the Balcony. The Josh and Pete Band could win as much as $5,000 cash! The guys could use all the support they can get. Advance ticket sales count towards the band's success! If you want to help the band with an advance ticket purchase (or know someone who wants to), visit and click on the PayPal link.

Show details:

Jersey Shows presents The $10,000 Philly Showdown - The Finals
Trocadero Mainstage
Saturday, July 24, 2010
Doors @ 1:30 PM / Show @ 2 PM / The Josh and Pete Band @ 4:30 PM
$14 in adv / $15 DOS
All ages and for more info.
Facebook event page:


You know the wants to make its first professional record. Band won't sit around and wait for a label to come along and fund the project. Band asks fans for help -- and offers rewards for donations.

The Josh and Pete Band plan to start recording in August, so they need their fans' help! In return, they will offer the following "Thank You" gifts:

$0 to 10 - Josh and Pete Band sticker
$10 to 20 - above + Demo CD
$20 to 40 - all of the above + your name on special "Thank You" page of the professional CD (and Josh and Pete Band 9th Grade CD Series)
$40 to 80 - all of the above + ticket to the Trocadero show
$80 to 150 - all of the above + free copy of the professional CD
$150 to 300 - all of the above + custom-made Josh and Pete Band T-Shirts

...and finally...

$300 or more - all of the above PLUS a date with any band member -- or all! (You can donate the date, too - give The Josh and Pete Band to your daughters, your aunts, your grandmothers, even your pets!)

If that's not a story, I don't know what is.

Visit to donate, and if you are so inclined, use the Facebook event page to its fullest potential:

If you have any questions, please send them my way!

Copyright © 2010 S.J. Dibai and The Josh and Pete Band. All rights reserved.

Guggenheim Grotto recap

I didn't explain publicly how I came to work for The Guggenheim Grotto, but I feel like I should do so in order to frame this project. As I noted earlier this month, I'd reviewed the band on One Note Ahead last year, and I attended the first show of their Tin Angel residency as a fan. The turnout for that show was not what it should have been. Given the sizable Philly following the guys had developed in 2009, I wondered if maybe the Tin Angel residency just needed an extra promotional push. So I offered my help in promoting the remaining three shows. This was so last-minute that I couldn't even consider it a proper campaign, which ideally would've begun 3-4 weeks before the first show in the residency! But I thought I could at least help to spread awareness about the remaining shows, which could in turn have a positive effect on the turnout.

The turnouts did indeed improve for the remaining shows, the 2nd and 4th in particular (which, for various reasons, I promoted somewhat more heavily than the 3rd). I had to be creative because even though I am a press agent first and foremost, I knew that things often move slowly or get crowded in the press, so I knew better than to expect much from the press on such short notice. I had to utilize Facebook, MySpace, Craig's List, and word-of-mouth. I also made a point of reaching out to my radio contacts who would be interested, which yielded this:

If you don't know the significance of XPN getting behind the new album, well.....let's just say it's a big deal! That said, I can't guarantee you that I can get you onto XPN!

You'll also recall that I said I'd be manning the merch table. I did that for the last two shows. I'd never done merch before, but it was a mostly fun experience and I did pretty well considering I was new to it. I'd definitely be open to doing merch again, for The Guggenheim Grotto or others, in the future.

Now, I must get back to my regular clients because there is some ENORMOUS news about The Josh and Pete huge I need to think about just how to announce it!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Something different: The Guggenheim Grotto!

Remember my music blog One Note Ahead? Remember how much I praised Dublin, Ireland's Guggenheim Grotto on it? No? Let me refresh your memory:

"Throughout two generous sets, Kevin May and Mick Lynch filled the room with their superb harmonies and skilled instrumental accompaniment. And yes, they came prepared with lots of quality material. [...] And while The Guggenheim Grotto's sound is based in British and North American folk/pop, [their 2nd album] Happy The Man is fleshed out with elements of electronica, rock, traditional Irish music, and whatever else the lads could throw in to mix things up a bit."

Oh, Happy The Man -- One Note Ahead's 2009 Album of the Year! Yes, now you remember!

The Guggenheim Grotto have a solid new album out, The Universe Is Laughing. To celebrate this, they're in the midst of June residencies in New York City and Philadelphia -- and here's where I come in. Last year, during a January residency at Philadelphia's World Cafe Live, Mick and Kevin developed a tremendous local following, allowing them to make a triumphant return to the venue in April. This month, they're playing every Thursday night at the Tin Angel, and after attending the opening show as a fan, I'll be helping the band out with the remaining three. How?

First off, supplemental promotion. I have the Philly connections, you know, so I might be able to help the lads build the same kind of momentum they got at World Cafe Live last year. The shows are just $10 apiece, 21+, doors at 8, shows at 8:30. The remaining dates are June 10th, 17th, and 24th. And get this: for the first time ever, Mick and Kevin are touring the US with a rhythm section! If you want advance tix, check out and click on the showtime links.

Secondly, I will be branching out from PR and manning the merch table at the remaining Tin Angel shows! So come say "Hi" and while you're at it, pick up any or all of The Guggenheim Grotto's three albums!

I'm very excited about this because, even though it is a small side project, it marks the first time I'll be doing Philly PR for a non-Philly act. I've been wanting to do that for quite a while now. As for the merch table, well, I'm open to trying new things!

Coming soon: HUGE news about The Josh and Pete Band, and (I hope) updates on The Escape and Bad Apples!

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Escape on Volta tomorrow!

One more time for Volta! Tomorrow at 7:30 PM (EDT), tune in at for a special on The Escape! There's no excuse for missing this one.....unless you're too busy voting in the primaries.

EP promotion continues for The Escape, so I'll let you know if we get anything else.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bad Apples: Volta and possibly more

Hey! Just a reminder to go to tomorrow night, May 11th, to hear a radio special on Bad Apples! Click the "listen" button on the homepage; the show starts at 7:30 PM (EDT). Bassist BJ Felsted will be in the studio chatting with Cindy about the band's second album, Today Begins At Night. As always, you'll hear the music if you haven't already.

And another thing....there might be some big Bad Apples news coming up, but as always, mum's the word until everything's official!

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Josh and Pete Band: Volta Radio, Battle of the Bands

Remember that all of my bands are on Volta Radio this month! Tomorrow night (May 4th), it's The Josh and Pete Band. Go to and click the "Listen" button. Tune in at 7:30 EDT.

By the way, The Josh and Pete Band have been performing and advancing in Jersey Shows' "$10,000 Philly Showdown" and guess what? They've made it to the semi-finals on the Trocadero mainstage! Sunday, May 16th is the date. Click here for more details and here for tickets!

If you haven't already, check out the band on MySpace and Facebook.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Escape in Origivation NOW!

I haven't seen the print version yet, but here it is online:

Remember, the show is this Sunday at the Troc Balcony. Doors at 2, show at 2:30, The Escape at 4. 10 bucks, all ages to enter, 21+ to drink.

And don't forget all of my bands' upcoming Volta Radio interviews I discussed in an earlier blog entry. Just change "Reality Stricken" to "The Escape" and you're good.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Escape: Origivation, Philly Fun Guide

The "huge news" I mentioned last time is that The Escape will be featured in Origivation soon! This Philly-based magazine is much-renowned for its coverage of music both local and international, and the issue featuring The Escape is due out on the 15th. I'll say more once I've seen the article.

Meanwhile, enjoy the Philly Fun Guide page I put together for the Trocadero show; it's pretty much what I submitted, anyway!

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Reality Stricken show - and band name!

They're not "Reality Stricken" anymore, folks.....they're now known as The Escape! And they've got a big show coming up, presented by bassist Josh Solomon's own booking operation. Here's the flyer:

More huge news about The Escape coming shortly!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Reality Stricken: Reviewed in Wonka Vision!

WOW. This is huge....I reached out to Wonka Vision a while ago on behalf of Reality Stricken, but I wasn't sure what to expect. Well, I just learned that they recently gave Reality Stricken a totally bitchin' online review:

Speaking of RS, they've got a big show coming up which we will be seriously promoting. Details coming shortly.

Friday, February 5, 2010

New Bad Apples Article

I said it was coming this week. Here it is:

There might be some really exciting Reality Stricken news to report soon, but mum's the word until everything's official!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Upcoming Radio Interviews; other updates

I am a press agent first and foremost, but if I can set up something else that will get my clients some exposure, why not go for it?

Volta Radio is an online radio station in Philadelphia whose current owner, Cindy Wuollet, is madly devoted to supporting the Philly music scene. Volta airs a variety of programming, but on Tuesday nights at 7:30 (Eastern Time), you'll normally hear Cindy interviewing local and visiting musicians from a wide range of genres. I'm happy to announce that all of my current clients will be featured on Cindy's show this May. Here's the schedule:

May 4th: The Josh and Pete Band

May 11th: Bad Apples

May 18th: Reality Stricken

If there are any changes, I'll let you know.

There are some other interesting projects I've been working on for these bands, but they can't be explained quite so easily here. If you want details, send me an e-mail (you'll find a link on my profile).

In other news, there should be a new Bad Apples article out this week; I'll post a link when it's published. Also, I realized that I haven't updated you on The Absolute Zeros' status recently. Well, I'm really not their publicist anymore. Our business relationship was never officially declared dead, but after so many logistical hurdles and so much time spent in limbo, it just ended. No matter. As you can see, I'm plenty busy with these other bands. I still do follow The AZ's and having seen them toward the end of January, I can tell you that they're back on their feet after some personnel shakeups and they're sounding great. Keep your eyes and ears on their MySpace for updates.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Reality Stricken Article

Well, a week old, actually.....I set this up, but I didn't learn that it had been published until tonight. I don't know why; usually someone tells me about such things ASAP. But here it is: