Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Score another for the Guggenheim Grotto!

No, I'm not still working for The Guggenheim Grotto. That project lasted for just a few weeks in June. But when I WAS working for them, I did contact Kate Bracaglia, who has been so kind to The Josh and Pete Band on Phrequency, and she has recently shown the Grotto some love on her blog, Underwater Explosions. Okay, so it's too late for the residency I was promoting, but you know what they say: better Kate than never!

Seriously, thanks again, Kate.


And don't forget: this Saturday is The Josh and Pete Band's performance at the Jersey Shows finals!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Escape: sad news

This is difficult news to break....Stuart Olson, one of The Escape's guitarists and principal songwriters, is out of the band. Stu and I always connected on an artistic level, and he added a great deal to the performance aspect of The Escape/Reality Stricken whenever I saw them in person, so it's a tough loss for me to deal with. Click here to read the band's official statement.

I am still promoting the Signal Fire EP, which you might remember being the band's last release as Reality Stricken and first as The Escape. EP promotion is not easy; a lot of investigation and elimination of publications, a lot of trial and error, and even in this day and age, I have to ignore otherwise suitable magazines because they won't review anything less than a full-length album. Trying to avoid the fatal mistake of sending out too many CDs, we are nevertheless sending some out (and digital copies when we can!) and here's hoping we get some more reviews on this thing.

Meanwhile, don't forget all the Josh and Pete Band news from my previous posts, and....I thought a new Bad Apples review was forthcoming......I'll need to check on that one.....

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Josh and Pete Band story

Check out this great new Phrequency blog on The Josh and Pete Band's current endeavors.....thanks again, Kate!