Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Josh and Pete Band Video; Updates

I posted this video on the 11th along with some news about my PR work and clients, but things have changed so much since then that I had to delete that blog entry and post a new one.

There haven't been many updates recently because, after being quite busy for several months, I've hit a slow patch as a publicist. Things are really just up in the air with The Absolute Zeros, as they continue to iron out various business details and work on new music. After a frenzied 2009, The Josh and Pete Band will be (deliberately and intentionally) slowing their pace for a while. Over the past two to three months, I've been in talks with a few interested parties about some intriguing prospects, but as of yet no solid deals have materialized. As you might have guessed, there's a lot of economics and politics behind all of this, whether it's lack of funds, contractual issues, venues shutting down because of expired leases or code violations, or just the demands of other jobs. But part of it is also the nature of this line of work: sometimes you're up, sometimes....

I'll keep you posted on new developments. Meanwhile, enjoy this new video for The Josh and Pete Band's song "Miscommunication" and keep your eyes on the band's new website (currently under construction).