Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Josh and Pete Band Featured in Metro!

Take the greatest rock and harmony-pop bands of the 1960s and '70s. Add in equal parts snark and sensitivity. Dress each member in flamboyant outfits. You've got The Josh and Pete Band.

I became their publicist in late January of this year and during my second campaign for them (and only my first FULL campaign for them), I scored them this fabulous feature:

"5 Questions With Josh of the Josh and Pete Band" (Metro Philadelphia, March 19, 2009)

(The copyright in that piece belongs to Metro. As far as I have been able to tell, Metro did not post that piece online, so I am sharing it now for informative purposes only. Metro is a daily paper and I did not share that piece publicly until after March 19th.)

My work with The Josh and Pete Band looks like it will continue to surge forward. Meanwhile, my roster's looking a little thin and I am interested in expanding. If you think I can help you, let's talk.

For more info on The Josh and Pete Band: http://www.thejoshandpeteband.com

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The Absolute Zeros - PR So Far

The Absolute Zeros are one of the most well-respected live bands on the Philly scene. Their raw soul-rock sound just keeps getting harder and tighter. I became their publicist in June, 2008 but would you believe that even though I've been working with them since then, I've had to run only one major campaign for them? They headlined a MAD Dragon Records concert on November 23, 2008 (they weren't signed to MAD Dragon Records but were booked through the label's affiliated booking agency). I promoted this show in conjunction with the folks at MAD Dragon, many of whom I already knew and had even worked with as a music journalist. It was a pleasure working with MAD Dragon and we did quite well. Sadly, most of the advance publicity has since been removed from the 'net. Philadelphia Weekly's online edition featured the concert and flyer in its "PW Recommended!" section. Philly Fun Guide and Philly Music Network Fans also featured the flyer; Philly Fun Guide's page included my event description as well. Philly EDGE ran a blurb about the show in its "Local Music News" feature on November 5, 2008.

These pieces remain online:

"This Weekend" and "Sunday Showcase with Andrew Lipke, Absolute Zeros" (The Broken Bell, November 20, 2008 and November 21, 2008 respectively)

For more info on The Absolute Zeros: http://www.myspace.com/theabsolutezeros

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Laura Cheadle PR Highlights

Laura Cheadle blends old-school R&B and funk with a contemporary pop/rock sound to create an engagingly soulful brand of singer/songwriter music. She hired me as her publicist in March, 2008 and I was active in that role from April, 2008 through February, 2009. I promoted for her when she and I deemed such work appropriate or necessary. Here's some of what I accomplished:

"Laura Cheadle, Downtown Harvest Rock Milkboy Coffee" (Cheap Shot! Philly, June 7, 2008; later republished on Crunkbox)

Philly EDGE chose Laura's "Live On" as its "Track of the Week" on August 20, 2008, also plugging her upcoming appearance at the Beta Hi-Fi Festival, which we were promoting. That page went offline at some point and I have not been able to retrieve it.

Philly Fun Guide prominently featured Laura's Philadelphia Live On CD release show (which took place on February 20, 2009) with our flyer and a slightly revised version of the description I submitted; unfortunately, Philly Fun Guide does not archive such things.

For more info on Laura Cheadle: http://www.lauracheadle.com

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Audible Eye

Audible Eye is not a one-man band; he's a one-man jam. Playing numerous instruments with various parts of his body (hey! keep your mind out of the gutter!) while singing, he is just as comfortable busking in a train station as he is playing to a sold-out crowd at a major venue. On January 25, 2008, he did just that for his debut headlining show. I promoted it for him and we got this really nice review:

"From The Street to the Stage: Audible Eye" (Crunkbox, February 12, 2008)

For more info on Audible Eye: http://www.myspace.com/audibleeye

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Downtown Harvest PR Highlights

The first act I ever represented as a publicist was the Philly-based quartet Downtown Harvest, whose music incorporates rock, jazz, electronica, funk, and many more styles into a sound that has to be heard to be believed. I worked steadily for the band's organization from December, 2007 through April, 2008, remaining on board through the end of May, 2008 to promote one more show and tie up loose ends. Here are some of the features I scored for DTH as their publicist:

"Remember the 90s? Downtown Harvest Put the fun Back in Indy Rock" (Crunkbox, February 12, 2008)

"Downtown Harvest: Golden Dragon" (Perfect Porridge, Feburary 21, 2008)

"Downtown Harvest :: Golden Dragon" (musicreviewer.com, May, 2008)

"Laura Cheadle, Downtown Harvest Rock Milkboy Coffee" (Cheap Shot! Philly, June 7, 2008; later republished on Crunkbox)

The January 16, 2008 issue of Northeast Pennsylvania's The Weekender included an excellent article, "Downtown Harvest brings buzz to NEPA" by Mike Lello. Sadly, the piece can no longer be viewed online. I hope you were able to get a print copy!

For more info on Downtown Harvest: http://www.downtownharvest.com

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What does a music publicist do, exactly?

Technically, a publicist is a liaison between an artist and the press. Since people hire me because they or the artists they handle are looking for more exposure, my main duty is to try to convince members of the press (which now includes the various online outlets) to write about the artists I represent. Once I've located writers and editors worth contacting, I might offer or send them CDs for review or invite them to come out to a show. Maybe I just encourage them to include a show in their listings or run a blurb promoting it. I set up interviews when necessary or appropriate, follow-up on CD submissions, thank writers for nice writeups, and perhaps also keep in touch with writers and editors and form lasting relationships with them. If I'm expected to attend a show I'm promoting -- I'd better be there unless I'm snowed in or feel like I'm dying!

That said, the press can be difficult to break into, and sometimes I just don't get a good press response to a particular show. Even if I do, I might feel that more can be done to promote the show and I might just do it. So while my official duty is to get the show written about, my unofficial duties can involve plugging the show on the internet, reaching out to photographers, videographers, musicians and music industry figures, or just talking up the show through word-of-mouth. However, no one I represent should take any of these "unofficial" services for granted unless they are specifically named in the terms of my employment.

This blog will chronicle samples of my work which I consider most useful to those who are curious. Some of the posts will include artist photos I have taken, posted only with the artist's permission.

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