Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Retired at 30.

It's been a while since I've posted! Well, if you've been following this blog, you know that my fortunes as a music publicist decreased dramatically for quite some time. Even with a seeming upswing in August, the waters proved rough. There were fewer viable media outlets to promote to in the Philly market, and the ones remaining were tough-to-impossible to get into. Even people I used to be able to count on in the media had more demands on their time and were less accessible.

Moreover, I was just sick of being a music publicist! I won't go into the reasons publicly, but suffice it to say that if I no longer loved this field and it no longer loved me, I needed to get out when I had a chance. That chance was coming at the end of November, so I announced my retirement that month.

I'm moving into concert booking and promotion. My first show will take place March 20th at a new venue called HeadHouse (122 Lombard St, Philadelphia) and it will be a HYPE! show, meaning I am booking it for my good friend Boy Wonder. Artist lineup and details coming.

I may also return to music blogging, but not with a "One Note Ahead" type of blog. We'll see...

All things considered, I had a good run as a music publicist. And when I hear The Really Cooks (formerly The Josh and Pete Band) on XPN2, played by deejays I hooked them up with, or look at Dani Mari's Facebook page and see the artist bio I wrote, I am very proud of my legacy.

Stay tuned...I am up for new adventures.