Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Josh and Pete Band: Still Rising

The Josh and Pete Band are still on the move. They made their World Cafe Live debut in the Upstairs level last month, and on August 13th they'll be debuting in the Downstairs level with Agent Moosehead and The Juice. To coincide with that, we are doing some serious PR for both the show and the band.

Here is the event's Philly Fun Guide page, with the exact description, info, and photo that I submitted:

PFG sometimes edits these things, so when PFG publishes exactly what I submit, I am honored.

Look out for an interview with the lads on Philly2Philly soon.

I'll let you know about other successes in this campaign if we get them, but I can say that I haven't even been running this campaign for a week and we're already doing pretty well!