Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Downtown Harvest PR Highlights

The first act I ever represented as a publicist was the Philly-based quartet Downtown Harvest, whose music incorporates rock, jazz, electronica, funk, and many more styles into a sound that has to be heard to be believed. I worked steadily for the band's organization from December, 2007 through April, 2008, remaining on board through the end of May, 2008 to promote one more show and tie up loose ends. Here are some of the features I scored for DTH as their publicist:

"Remember the 90s? Downtown Harvest Put the fun Back in Indy Rock" (Crunkbox, February 12, 2008)

"Downtown Harvest: Golden Dragon" (Perfect Porridge, Feburary 21, 2008)

"Downtown Harvest :: Golden Dragon" (musicreviewer.com, May, 2008)

"Laura Cheadle, Downtown Harvest Rock Milkboy Coffee" (Cheap Shot! Philly, June 7, 2008; later republished on Crunkbox)

The January 16, 2008 issue of Northeast Pennsylvania's The Weekender included an excellent article, "Downtown Harvest brings buzz to NEPA" by Mike Lello. Sadly, the piece can no longer be viewed online. I hope you were able to get a print copy!

For more info on Downtown Harvest: http://www.downtownharvest.com

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