Tuesday, April 7, 2009


What does a music publicist do, exactly?

Technically, a publicist is a liaison between an artist and the press. Since people hire me because they or the artists they handle are looking for more exposure, my main duty is to try to convince members of the press (which now includes the various online outlets) to write about the artists I represent. Once I've located writers and editors worth contacting, I might offer or send them CDs for review or invite them to come out to a show. Maybe I just encourage them to include a show in their listings or run a blurb promoting it. I set up interviews when necessary or appropriate, follow-up on CD submissions, thank writers for nice writeups, and perhaps also keep in touch with writers and editors and form lasting relationships with them. If I'm expected to attend a show I'm promoting -- I'd better be there unless I'm snowed in or feel like I'm dying!

That said, the press can be difficult to break into, and sometimes I just don't get a good press response to a particular show. Even if I do, I might feel that more can be done to promote the show and I might just do it. So while my official duty is to get the show written about, my unofficial duties can involve plugging the show on the internet, reaching out to photographers, videographers, musicians and music industry figures, or just talking up the show through word-of-mouth. However, no one I represent should take any of these "unofficial" services for granted unless they are specifically named in the terms of my employment.

This blog will chronicle samples of my work which I consider most useful to those who are curious. Some of the posts will include artist photos I have taken, posted only with the artist's permission.

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