Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Absolute Zeros - PR So Far

The Absolute Zeros are one of the most well-respected live bands on the Philly scene. Their raw soul-rock sound just keeps getting harder and tighter. I became their publicist in June, 2008 but would you believe that even though I've been working with them since then, I've had to run only one major campaign for them? They headlined a MAD Dragon Records concert on November 23, 2008 (they weren't signed to MAD Dragon Records but were booked through the label's affiliated booking agency). I promoted this show in conjunction with the folks at MAD Dragon, many of whom I already knew and had even worked with as a music journalist. It was a pleasure working with MAD Dragon and we did quite well. Sadly, most of the advance publicity has since been removed from the 'net. Philadelphia Weekly's online edition featured the concert and flyer in its "PW Recommended!" section. Philly Fun Guide and Philly Music Network Fans also featured the flyer; Philly Fun Guide's page included my event description as well. Philly EDGE ran a blurb about the show in its "Local Music News" feature on November 5, 2008.

These pieces remain online:

"This Weekend" and "Sunday Showcase with Andrew Lipke, Absolute Zeros" (The Broken Bell, November 20, 2008 and November 21, 2008 respectively)

For more info on The Absolute Zeros: http://www.myspace.com/theabsolutezeros

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