Friday, June 25, 2010

Guggenheim Grotto recap

I didn't explain publicly how I came to work for The Guggenheim Grotto, but I feel like I should do so in order to frame this project. As I noted earlier this month, I'd reviewed the band on One Note Ahead last year, and I attended the first show of their Tin Angel residency as a fan. The turnout for that show was not what it should have been. Given the sizable Philly following the guys had developed in 2009, I wondered if maybe the Tin Angel residency just needed an extra promotional push. So I offered my help in promoting the remaining three shows. This was so last-minute that I couldn't even consider it a proper campaign, which ideally would've begun 3-4 weeks before the first show in the residency! But I thought I could at least help to spread awareness about the remaining shows, which could in turn have a positive effect on the turnout.

The turnouts did indeed improve for the remaining shows, the 2nd and 4th in particular (which, for various reasons, I promoted somewhat more heavily than the 3rd). I had to be creative because even though I am a press agent first and foremost, I knew that things often move slowly or get crowded in the press, so I knew better than to expect much from the press on such short notice. I had to utilize Facebook, MySpace, Craig's List, and word-of-mouth. I also made a point of reaching out to my radio contacts who would be interested, which yielded this:

If you don't know the significance of XPN getting behind the new album, well.....let's just say it's a big deal! That said, I can't guarantee you that I can get you onto XPN!

You'll also recall that I said I'd be manning the merch table. I did that for the last two shows. I'd never done merch before, but it was a mostly fun experience and I did pretty well considering I was new to it. I'd definitely be open to doing merch again, for The Guggenheim Grotto or others, in the future.

Now, I must get back to my regular clients because there is some ENORMOUS news about The Josh and Pete huge I need to think about just how to announce it!

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