Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Josh and Pete Band's Album Fund (and potential dire consequences)

(As before, this is a slightly altered version of the official press release.)


August 1, 2010

In less than two years, West Philly foursome The Josh and Pete Band have brought their sunny harmonies and unique brand of humor to venues such as North Star, World Cafe Live (Upstairs and Downstairs), The Fire, The Blockley, and The Troc Mainstage. They've been selected as "Featured Performers" by The Absolute Zeros at Tritone. They've shared the stage with acts including Agent Moosehead, G. Calvin Weston, Conversations with Enemies, and Caravan of Thieves. But all those feathers in their caps will not accomplish the goal of funding the first professional album by Josh Band, Pete Band, King Alon, and Dr. Lemonade; after all, one cannot pay studio bills with feathers.

So they're taking the route traveled by so many others who refuse to sit around waiting for a record deal: they're asking their fans to fund the recording of the album. One of Dionne Warwick's former psychic friends (or is that fiends?) has predicted dire consequences for the band's members should the album not get funded in time:

- King Alon will be forced to abdicate his throne, leading other musical royalty (Carole King, Ben E. King, B.B. King, etc.) to poke merciless fun at him in song. Meanwhile, his former kingdom will be taken over by The Queen of Soul, who will command plenty of R-E-S-P-E-C-T but will never be able to say she played both bass and oboe in a rock 'n' roll band.

- Dr. Lemonade, a tooth doctor by trade, will quit the music business for good and go into television. He will star in a pilot for "The Dentalist," in which he plays an American who occasionally speaks with an Australian accent. Every network will pass on the series after critics predict that it will last only a Simon Baker's dozen of episodes.

- Left without their rhythm section, Josh Band and Pete Band will soldier on as a duo, The Band Brothers. This name will be most unfortunate, as concertgoers will, upon seeing the duo, ask, "Where's the BAND?!?!" Josh and Pete will split in disgust, and Josh will go back to his day job of putting Weight Watchers out of business, one cupcake at a time. Pete will continue to play music as a solo artist, but a New York Times reviewer will lament the split of the duo, writing, "Pete was the Garfunkel to Josh's Oates."

But if saving The Josh and Pete Band from such misfortune is not enough of an incentive, those who contribute to the album fund will get the following amazing and fabulous prizes:

$0 to 10 - Josh and Pete Band sticker
$10 to 20 - above plus Demo CD
$20 to 40 - all of the above + your name on special "Thank You" page of the professional CD (and Josh and Pete Band 9th Grade CD Series)
$40 to 80 - all of the above + ticket to the next Josh and Pete Band show
$80 to 150 - all of the above + free copy of the professional CD
$150 to 300 - all of the above + custom-made Josh and Pete Band T-Shirts

...and finally...

$300 or more - all of the above PLUS a date with any band member -- or all! (You can donate the date, too - give The Josh and Pete Band to your daughters, your aunts, your grandmothers, even your pets!)

If you wish to donate, you can visit, and there is even a Facebook event page:

And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Copyright © 2010 S.J. Dibai and The Josh and Pete Band. All rights reserved.

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