Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Upcoming Radio Interviews; other updates

I am a press agent first and foremost, but if I can set up something else that will get my clients some exposure, why not go for it?

Volta Radio is an online radio station in Philadelphia whose current owner, Cindy Wuollet, is madly devoted to supporting the Philly music scene. Volta airs a variety of programming, but on Tuesday nights at 7:30 (Eastern Time), you'll normally hear Cindy interviewing local and visiting musicians from a wide range of genres. I'm happy to announce that all of my current clients will be featured on Cindy's show this May. Here's the schedule:

May 4th: The Josh and Pete Band

May 11th: Bad Apples

May 18th: Reality Stricken

If there are any changes, I'll let you know.

There are some other interesting projects I've been working on for these bands, but they can't be explained quite so easily here. If you want details, send me an e-mail (you'll find a link on my profile).

In other news, there should be a new Bad Apples article out this week; I'll post a link when it's published. Also, I realized that I haven't updated you on The Absolute Zeros' status recently. Well, I'm really not their publicist anymore. Our business relationship was never officially declared dead, but after so many logistical hurdles and so much time spent in limbo, it just ended. No matter. As you can see, I'm plenty busy with these other bands. I still do follow The AZ's and having seen them toward the end of January, I can tell you that they're back on their feet after some personnel shakeups and they're sounding great. Keep your eyes and ears on their MySpace for updates.

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