Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The way to go/New clients

If you've been reading this blog lately, you know that I've been feeling like music PR has been pushing me out. The trials and tribulations of the past several months, brightened only by occasional rays of hope, really got me rethinking this career path and considering new directions in the music business and in life in general. I kept coming to the conclusion that I am a music publicist, dammit -- that's what I know how to do and what I feel I should be doing at this point. It's definitely not the only thing I should be doing with my life, work-wise or otherwise, but it is a niche I should remain in.

Not coincidentally, once I came to this conclusion, things started to look more promising for me as a music publicist than they had looked in a long time. I am in talks with a few artists I've known for a while, but as always, mum's the word until everything is official. In the meantime, I have a new band on my client roster!

I literally have a NEW band on my client roster. Mojoceratops played their first gig not even four months ago! My campaigning will officially get underway in the coming weeks, which should give you enough time to buy a new pair of dancin' shoes and re-learn the art of getting your groove on. By the way, their bass player BJ Felsted used to play in Bad Apples. Yes, my former clients Bad Apples! Small world, huh?

Check out Mojoceratops: http://www.mojoceratops.net/

And stay tuned for updates.

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