Friday, October 7, 2011

Mojoceratops on Volta Radio: 10/18

The Mojoceratops campaign is gradually gaining traction. I've gotten a few important people's attention, at least. :-)

And we've got a radio interview! Tune in to Volta Radio on Tuesday, October 18th, at 7:30 PM (EDT) to hear Mojoceratops and some tracks from their debut album, Dino Dance Party -- which, let me remind you, is available on iTunes.

And by the way, this radio appearance is timed to promote their show on Friday the 21st at Lickety Split, 4th and South Streets in Philadelphia. Come on out and join the dino dance party.

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Anonymous said...

I'll check to see if I can get Volta on my Squeezebox!

Dan Hollyfield

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