Monday, July 18, 2011

Holy Maloney!

Can baby say, "Epic fail"?

With this Heather Maloney campaign, I started off getting surprisingly little interest, finding in the process that tech snafus had ruined the formatting of my press release and may have thus sabotaged my efforts. Bloody but unbowed, I sent out a corrected press release and gained a tad more traction. Still not getting enough interest, I contacted friends of mine outside of the media who had shown an interest in Heather, hoping they'd come to the show and/or help spread the word. I gained a little more traction. One week before the show, I sent out a reminder to my media contacts and got an offer for an interview. Now we were cooking! But when I asked Heather's manager if she was available for the interview, he wrote back not only that she was unavailable, but that....


That's right, Heather's show this Thursday at Roosevelt's is NOT HAPPENING until God knows when.

Leading me, of course, to have to send out retractions and make amends with everyone who had expressed an interest.

Remind me, why do I want to stay in this line of work?

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